What we do!

IPAS is a worldwide experienced designer and builder of separating and refining installations for raw materials, coal and waste.

IPAS philosophy

The basis of true circular economy is to design or adjust industrial processes to lean circles gaining maximum (re) useable materials at minimal ecological, economical and emotional cost.

IPAS always designs and organises its projects and interventions with a clear and straightforward view on:

  • Economy: lowest cost and most rational financial set up of projects
  • Ecology: maximum sustainability and lowest environmental impact
  • Emotion: with a position for justice and honesty towards the human factor in industry (social and cultural factors)

The IPAS point of view towards mining is that mankind is entitled to use what the earth has on offer, but damage should be repaired, impact low and man should take no more than needed for gaining progress in society.

IPAS offer

  • IPAS offers, worldwide, realistic solutions for simple and complex challenges in industrial process design.
  • IPAS offers design and build of separating installations.
  • IPAS offers consultancy.
  • IPAS chooses technological solutions based on contant growing insight in what the world has on the market.
  • IPAS is independent in the most broad sense: no ties with producers of equipment.
  • IPAS offers clear and simple ways of working, hands on – based on many years of practical experience.