Process based thinking

IPAS is master in ‘process based thinking’: every project starts with a quick pre-feasibility study or assessment of the site or problem as ‘consultant’. The cost of this consultancy mission will be deducted from the eventual investment project that follows the assessment phase.



IPAS is experienced in technical evaluation and assessment of existing installations or problematic industrial sites. IPAS can work as independent consultant or as evaluator for second opinions. IPAS has no ties with producers of installations or industrial machinery, but has a worldwide network and thorough knowledge of existing solutions. As independent expert, IPAS can help create insights and new angles to solve complex problems.

Redevelopment plans for industrial sites or coalmines

IPAS is, together with its partner transit_LAB, specialising in the redevelopment of former coalmines or big industrial sites. Integrating remediation of estates with creative redevelopment plans, IPAS offers a new and cost saving approach to nowadays challenges. Every site or region can be developed towards a unique future based upon a maximum respect for history and heritage and with a practicable vision and plan toward sustainability.

Partner transit_LAB guarantees the involvement of all necessary disciplines: urban planners, architects, historians, artists, social sciences, multidisciplinary integrators …

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