WASTE REFINERY is a new practical concept for turning waste into ‘instant recoverable materials’ for energy generation and in ‘instant recyclable materials’ for materials recycling. The solution is based on a new combination of existing technologies, allowing to:

  •  build and operate a ‘WASTE REFINERY’, using ‘wet technology’;
  •  produce a ‘coal equivalent’ combustible: Bio Generated Coal

WASTE REFINERY is the best and most realistic alternative for waste incineration, as it is much cheaper in investment and operational cost. Moreover, it reaches the maximum possible recycling of materials and it produces a biomass combustible that can be valorized in existing installations. ’WASTE REFINERY’ is the most contemporary solution as it meets societal challenges, both in the field of energy and of materials.

The installation ‘WASTE REFINERY’ is in fact a balanced compilation / synthesis of existing technologies, that all of them have been designed and built by IPAS itself in different parts of the world.





WASTE REFINERY process flow