The company

IPAS, is a start-up with experience.
IPAS is a ‘re-start business’ that takes along over 40 years of experience and today is teaching the technology to a younger generation.
IPAS, as the driving force behind WASTE REFINERY©, is the ideal company for this world breaking novelty, because it has a big experience in the industrial treatment of raw materials and it masters all existing and proven technologies.


IPAS has 40 years of hands-on experience in design and build of refining installations:


Waste refinery for bottom ash treatment

IPAS designed and built a world premier installation in the year 2000 to clean and separate the bottom ash from the INDAVER waste incinerators in Antwerp, Belgium. This installation runs ever since without any technical defects and still is a reference in the sector of Waste Management.


Soil washing – remediation – sanitation

IPAS developed installations for SOIL WASHING. Highly contaminated soils are cleaned in high volumes and until a 100 % recyclability of the materials.


Coal Sludge recovery

IPAS has designed and implemented very performant systems for recuperation of process water. The recovery and sanitation of coal ponds is, a necessity when the mining activity stops.


Glass recycling

The collection of used glass (bottles, jars, …) from households is a common practise in Europe. Glass represents an important inert fraction in the Municipal Waste stream. IPAS has developed a fully automatic recycling line that processes up to 25 tons per hour.



IPAS has built several ‘total separation concepts’ for the coalmining industry.

•          ‘Run of Mine’ COAL: design and build of installations of all possible capacities.

•          ‘TIP washing’: design and build of profitable installations from a coal content of 10 %.


Sludge & water treatment

IPAS has designed and built several POND IPAS developed and implemented very performant system for recuperations of process water.

Vision & Mission

The Sustainable Development Goals will be the starting point and criteria in each project:

  • Every project is ‘future proof’ and contributes to the growth of the sustainable community.
  • IPAS explicitly presents itself as promoter of the ‘circular economy’

The IPAS mission is:

  • Designing, engineering and building of tailor-made processing plants for raw materials / waste in the broadest sense of the word and worldwide.
  • To be the supporting structure for the implementation of WASTE REFINERY©, worldwide.


Etienne Schouterden

Etienne Schouterden is founder and technological expert with a rack record of many industrial installations, worldwide.

Theo Mitrovoltsis

Theo Mitrovoltsis is CEO and is experienced in business development. He will design the best co-operative scenario with partners.

Paul Boutsen

Paul Boutsen is experienced in transition know-how and is network-manager for IPAS.